« We are whom we have been waiting for »

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Manifest for the Healing and Salvation of Humanity and the Planet

To UNO officials, government representatives, and global civil society gathered at the Montreal Biodiversity COP15
December 7 to 9 2022

We, the undersigned,

People of very diverse trajectories of service, but today very united in the feeling of doing something very effective and opportune « for the Healing and Salvation of troubled Humanity and the Planet », Which has made us converge in the joint sponsorship of an informal, special and autonomous International and Universal « Round Table » of people of experiential trajectories coming from diverse cultures and civilizations of the world, for the « Re-Encounter and for Peace », under this « Great Common Task »,

Re-Encounter to be held against the auspicious backdrop of a habitat such as the Sierra Nevada of Colombia -part of the « South American Amazonian tropical belt of the world »… Representative in turn of the great Biodiversity that still survives in our threatened Planet… and under the guidance of the Wisdom of the Ancestral Aboriginal Peoples that still live on the same and with it !

Project already elaborated, and whose substantive text (awaiting at the moment for the necessary logistical resources for its realization), is available already for the most particularly concerned…But whose eventual possible agenda, we may anticipate as follows (in medular themes, closely interconnected, on a same single whole of diagnosis and possible solutions):

i) The grand multifaceted Environmental Crisis (including resort to « depurative & regenerative spiritual salvific Super technologies »),
ii) The Integral Health Crisis,
iii) The Violence Crisis of conflicts, migrations, and wars,
iv) The Corruption Crisis and mafias (tyrannizing, perverse and distorting),
v) The Art of a renewed more effective deeper communication: Sacred music, poetry, dancing, painting, and architecture; language and accords Espiritual

Heart and Sentiment -based (rather than mere intellectual « calculating » physical-minds)…As The Divine Natural Order shows !!

We declare that:

1. Never has such a -humble and at the same time so powerful- Re-Encounter has been so necessary for the Healing and Salvation of Humanity and the Planet!! And all the signs we have seen in our respective long experiential trajectories attest to this, in various forms! But that, on the other hand, we do not disregard that « the summoning baton » of « governments and States of the world » remains key… In order to achieve such a « Common Healing and Salvation State of Consciousness » -in spite of the « lights and shadows » of such governments -as evidenced in the last two « summits » in Glasgow and Egypt (ironically, this latter, also the venue, years back, of the dream -later frustrated- of the high OPEC envisioned by founding noble universalist visionaries like Venezuelan Pérez Alfonzo and Saudí Al Tariki!). And even if such « officials baton », in the end, has to dissolve Today into something much higher and broader …Such as a new or renewed « World Forum for the Solidarity and Fraternity of All » .

2. Therefore, we make fervent public vows that the new UN Environmental Summit in Montreal starting on December 7, under the joint auspices of Canada and China ¿by divine design, a promising signal?…although politically at present, seemingly under some nebulous « short-circuit » ! Which we are certain shall be surmounted for the sake of the world’s highest interests!

3. The Montreal event, then, must be raised to be much more successful on where Glasgow and Egypt fell short! -but in which they pointed the way precisely because of it !

4. Such as, the ancestral indigenous wisdom from Mother Nature « God’s open book » says: All, climate, contamination, and the destruction of natural biodiversity, are actually part of the very same thing!. And the three, in turn, dissolve into the same broader « Cause of Healing and salvation of all natural Life”, as something sacred

5. The above latter, in turn, a corollary of the following two precepts of the Natural Order, so much vindicated in ancestral indigenous wisdom: « Unity or Harmony in diversity » and, thus, « The Sacred Interdependence of all Natural Life », portals, towards the aforementioned Healing and Salvation of Humanity and the Planet as an Inherent Unity!

6. That is why « the founding delegates » of the United Nations (UN), in San Francisco, in 1945, were taken, before their formal deliberations, to a primeval and prodigious natural forest in the area !…where its fish return after long runs in the ocean to their origin and essence ! (Even against the current -of flowing out of the forest water streams!) …In order that said delegates would draw inspiration from it! For their subsequent creation of an organization as the ideal UNO!, consecrated to « Peace in the World  » and « We the Peoples » (!!!). An organization which falls still short on such a Supreme Mission (!!)

7. And, that is why, the same current leader of the Christian Catholic Church, Pope Francis, went to Canada to « apologize to the original peoples of that nation » as unheeded « repositories of such relevant ancestral wisdom », and to learn from it to have today « a better and more universal church » (!) …In that vital insatiable longing of the peoples of the world for more -not less- Spirituality Today! …in spite of the crisis in the « excessive erroneous, or distorting, « institutional intermediaries » that has afflicted all the great structured religions »

8. Ancestral Wisdom that, by the way, in turn, is fraternally akin to Taoism (and other similar) of millenary China

9. That is why we want to continue betting on the great assertion voiced by our indigenous prophets brothers (such as Seattle, the Hopi, and the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada) that, in truth: « We are Whom we have been waiting for » (!)

10. And, therefore, and with the incentive and support of such -to be rescued-Wisdom: We have to rise and transcend! In order to be able to be up to the pressing and current task of Healing and Salvation from the Sacred All, and for All !

Only real Universal Truth will set us Free!!

….Adhered to by following participants of the « Informal auspicing International Group of the Biodiversity and Peace Project out of Colombia for the whole world' » (and in « a public letter », indeed, open to other good-will worthy people who also may want to join in)!

  • Frank Bracho, former Ambassador to India, activist and co-promoter of urgent Dialogue of Civilizations for healing and peace
  • Chico Whitaker, 2006 RAL awardee, and co-founder of the World Social Forum,
    Roberto Savio, noted international communicator and activist, and founder of Inter Press Service,
  • Don Trent, Four Arrows, US Native Cherokee-descendant, noted world scholar and activist for peace with nature and amongst humans salvation of all natural Life -as something sacred,
  • Come Carpentier, noted French-Indian scholar, editor, and Asian Euro-based promoter and activist of international Dialogue of Civilizations,
  • Hernán Lucena, Coordinator and activist of Center of Latín American Relations with African & Asia, from Universidad de los Andes, Mérida,
  • Rebeca Sánchez, former Ambassador to UNESCO, noted promoter of the Dialogue of Civilizations for greater world understanding and peace.


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